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        Rank Abbr.Meaning
        BBack (chat)
        PATLParent Around Talk Later (chat)
        GFGirlfriend (chat)
        PCPrivate Chat (IRC)
        IRCInternet Relay Chat
        TOTake Over (Internet Relay Chat)
        BCBecause (chat)
        AWA福建男篮As Well As (internet chat lingo)
        OMGOh My God (chat)
        GGrin (used in chat and email)
        TFToo Far (chat slang)
        ICI See (chat code)
        PRYProbably (chat slang)
        P2PPerson to Person (chat)
        LGLiebe Grüße (german chat closing like "cheers" or "CU")
        GAGo Ahead (used in chat)
        BWBeing Watched (chat)
        CUSee You (chat)
        NWNo Way (chat)
        福建男篮ICRInternet Relay Chat (protocol)
        PHPeople Here (chat)
        DBDon't Bother (chat slang)
        KULCool (chat)
        CADGChat About Depression Glass (web forum)
        GCGeneral Chat (website)
        RUFRAre You for Real (Internet chat)
        TS2Teamspeak 2 (voice chat software)
        KKOkay (online chat)
        ADDYAdult (online chat)
        DNDisplay Name (internet chat)
        NWNo Worries (chat)
        WLDWould (chat/slang)
        C-P福建男篮Sleepy (chat)
        GOGot Owned (gaming chat)
        886Bye Bye (Chinese internet chat)
        WBWelcome Back (chat)
        TTYLTalk To You Later (chat)
        BFFBest Friends Forever (chat)
        DPDisplay Picture (internet chat)
        JAMJust A Minute (chat)
        BSBig Smile (Internet chat)
        BRBBe Right Back (chat/slang)
        NFGNot for Good (Internet chat)
        NCNature Calls (chat)
        BCFBike Chat Forums (UK)
        福建男篮ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing (chat)
        BLBad Luck (chat)
        SOLShout Out Loud (internet chat)
        IMCInstant Messaging and Chat (software)
        DINDo It Now (gaming/chat)
        SM1Someone (chat)
        ALAge Location (Internet chat)
        CTOCheck This Out (chat)
        F/OFictional Other (online chat)
        MMLMade Me Laugh (chat)
        ITCIn the Chat
        BBSBe Back Soon (chat)
        CULSee You Later (chat)
        RTFRequest the Floor (multi-person online chats)
        JMOJust My Opinion (chat)
        CWYLChat With You Later
        福建男篮DTCDans Ton Chat (French quote forum)
        LNCLate Night Chat
        ETGEnter the Game (gaming chat network)
        OTPOn the Phone (chat)
        A/S/LAge/Sex/Location (often used in chat)
        IRCDInternet Relay Chat Daemon
        MUCMulti User Chat
        ASLAge/Sex/Location? (chat)
        CCCyber Chat (RPG chat server)
        CDCCri Du Chat (syndrome)
        CCClan Chat (Runescape gaming)
        CUSSee You Soon (chat)
        MTVMess TV (Norwegian chat TV show
        UTIUnder the Impression (chat)
        PCPersonal Chat
        POSParent(s) Over Shoulder (chat)
        TTLTalk to You Later (text and chat slang; more commonly seen as TTYL)
        福建男篮404I Have No Clue (chat abbreviation)
        GOIGet Over It (chat)
        HCHabbo Club (chat site)
        CUL8RSee You Later (chat)
        DTCDown to Chat
        RDHCReal Deal Hunting Chat
        CNCCoffee and Chat (various organizations)
        WUDWhat You Doing (chat)
        WFMWorks For Me (chat)
        ISNUPIt Serves No Useful Purpose (chat slang)
        GGGGiggle (email, USENET, chat slang)
        M0Moron (chat slang)
        CAFChats and Forums
        GTCGoing to Conceive (pregnancy chat)
        HHHabbo Hotel (online chat)
        福建男篮IRDKI Really Don't Know (chat)
        HAKHugs And kisses (chat)
        CPChat Post
        TCTinyChat (Internet chat system)
        CU L8RSee You Later (chat)
        BRTBe Right There (chat)
        RWRoger Wilco (voice chat over IP)
        CLTCurrently Listening To (chat)
        MUVEMulti User Virtual Environment (Online Chat)
        IRCPInternet Relay Chat Protocol (teleconferencing)
        CGChat Group (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
        NFCNo Further Comment (chat)
        RUOKAre You OK? (chat)
        COGCaught Off Guard (chat/email)
        yntwhy not? (chat/SMS)
        福建男篮BIFBest Internet Friend (chat slang)
        OTFOn the Phone (chat)
        IHNI Hate Newbies (chat slang)
        FAWCFor Anyone Who Cares (chat slang)
        FISGFast IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Statistics Generator
        FACCOFabricants d'Aliments Préparés pour Chiens, Chats, Oiseaux (French: Manufacturers of Prepared Foods for Dogs, Cats, Birds)
        ChanOpChannel Operator (IRC and chat servers)
        TGCNThe Global Chat Network
        ALICEArtificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (natural language artificial intelligence chat robot)
        HRYHow Are You (internet chat/texting)
        P911Parent alert (chat)
        :-(Sad/Frown (email & chat)
        CCCComité contre les Chats (French: Committee against Cats)
        JCJust Chatting
        BRBBathroom Break (chat)
        UCAPUp Close and Personal (internet chat)
        AASAlive and Smiling (internet chat)
        TCZThe Chatting Zone
        福建男篮2U2To You Too (chat)
        WTBWouldn't That Be (Internet chat)
        XLGExtra Large Grin (chat slang)
        RMERolling My Eyes (internet chat)
        KPCSKevin Pollak's Chat Show (online talk show)
        WTWrong Tell (gaming chat)
        COCChamber of Chat (Harry Potter fan site)
        H2CUSHope To See You Soon (chat)
        CULCatch You Later (chat)
        HANHow About No? (chat)
        MUCKMulti User Chat Kingdom (gaming)
        CU2See You Too (chat)
        FCFFerrari Chat France (French forum)
        MUSMMiss You So Much (chat)
        D&RDuck and Run (internet chat)
        WTFWow, That's Fantastic (chat slang)
        CUL8ERSee You Later (chat)
        SIKSomeone I Know (chat slang)
        福建男篮AFAPAs Far As Possible (chat)
        WYRNWhat's Your Real Name? (chat)
        GIARGive It A Rest (chat)
        HMOHear Me Out (chat)
        IRCGInternet Relay Chat Gateway
        TTYLType To You Later (chat)
        PITRParent in the Room (internet chat)
        FNWJRFriday Night with Jonathan Ross (English chat show)
        PACParents Are Coming (IM/chat)
        WFMWait for Me (chat)
        NVMNot Very Much (chat)
        2MIToo Much Information (chat)
        ESOSLEndless Snorts of Stupid Laughter (chat)
        LMIRLLets Meet in Real Life (chat)
        BPBuddyProfile (AIM chat)
        福建男篮UGTBKYou've Got to Be Kidding (chat)
        NVRMNevermind (chat slang)
        HTHHave to Hurry (internet chat)
        L2MListening to Music (internet chat)
        CLChat Life
        PIRParents In Room (chat)
        NTMNew to Me (chat slang)
        MOWMaennlich Oder Weiblich (German chat: boy or girl)
        AACASAssociation des Amis des Chats Abyssins et Somalis (French cat lovers' association)
        HELPHer Ever Loving Presence (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
        FBCFacebook Chat
        RPCRole Playing Chat
        ISJInside Joke (internet chat)
        CTCCare to Chat?
        VAVerbal Area (audio/video chat software)
        TTGTBTime to Go to Bed (chat)
        BBBBaby Boomer Bistro (chat site)
        WCWrong Chat
        福建男篮SNCSecure Network Chat (text chat solution)
        GAYSGo Ask Your Sponsor (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
        PBFPlay Boyfriend (Internet chat)
        N2GNeed to Go (chat)
        SAWSiblings Are Watching (chat)
        TIASTry It and See (chat)
        CUL8TRSee You Later (chat)
        MMFUMy Mate Fancies You (chat slang)
        SIASorry I Asked (chat)
        T2GTime To Go (chat)
        SOSSibling Over Shoulder (chat)
        HELPHope, Encouragement, Love and Patience (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
        BOLBe On Later (chat)
        TTYL8RTalk to You Later (chat)
        ICEInternet Chat Exchange
        HALTHonestly, Actively, Lovingly Tolerant (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
        福建男篮TOSTeacher Over Shoulder (chat)
        MIRCMicrosoft Internet Relay Chat (real-time messaging)
        SOSSome One Special (chat)
        N2BNot Too Bad (internet chat)
        LSKOLLong Slow Kiss on the Lips (band and chat lingo)
        YIWGPYes, I Will Go Private (online chat)
        NPNCNo Pic No Chat (Internet slang)