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        Rank Abbr.Meaning
        NASANational Auto Sport Association
        NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
        NASANational Aeronautics and Space Act
        NASANorth America South America
        NASANative American Student Association
        NASANational Aeronautics and Space Agency
        NASANahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt (German: Saxony-Anhalt local traffic service)
        NASANever a Straight Answer
        NASANeed Another Seven Astronauts
        NASA嵌入式c语言National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
        NASANorth American Saxophone Alliance
        NASANational Association of Student Anthropologists (est. 1985)
        NASANot Another Stupid Acronym
        NASANatural Athlete Strength Association
        NASANational Association of State Archaeologists
        NASANational Association of Sentencing Advocates
        NASANational Association of Students of Architecture (India)
        NASANetwork Affiliated Stations Alliance
        NASANon-Academic Staff Association (Canadian universities)
        NASANative American Student Affairs
        NASANational Association of Signing Agents
        NASANorth Andover Soccer Association (Massachusetts)
        NASANice And Safe Attitude (UK)
        NASANorepinephrine Antagonist Serotonin Antagonist (antidepressant)
        NASANauru Australian Soccer Association (est. 1973)
        NASANorth Atlanta Swim Association (Georgia)
        NASANational Autograss Sports Association (UK)
        NASANational Appliance Service Association (Kokomo, IN)
        嵌入式c语言NASANorth American Sankethi Association
        NASANon-Active Side Arm (oilfield)
        NASANorth Austin Soccer Association (Austin, TX)
        NASANorth American Shippers Association
        NASANorthern Alberta Institute of Technology Academic Staff Association (Canada)
        NASANewspaper Advertising Sales Association
        NASANew Advanced Search Agent
        NASANational Advertising Sales Association
        NASANational Association of Special Agents
        NASANyenrode Alumni Summer Academy
        NASANepal Animal Science Association
        NASANursing Association of South Australia
        NASANorthmemorial Amateur Sports Association (Canada)
        NASANormal Atmosphere Safety Approval
        NASANational Acronym Slingers Association :-)
        NASANational African Students Association, LLC (est. 2007)
        NASANorfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust (UK)
        NASANucleo de Afirmacion del Saber Andino (Spanish: Core Andean Affirmation of Knowledge; Peru)
        NASANavy Alpine Snowsports Association (Australia)
        NASANever Access Space Again (slang)